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In 2021, we created "Universe" by L.I.N.E.S, the first song we released as a group. It developed in the context of Re-Enactment of Things by ComeInTent and our interrelated Performance "Everything Is Connected".

The Song deals with what connects us as living beings on earth, going all the way back to the roots of our existence.

We - a society of the 21st century - often forget where we came from, we forget to respect our environment, each other and ourselves, we forget how beautiful life can be.

By and with:

Alex Andrews

Diana Arnhold

Maya Cechrak

Nishan Karki

Emma Marks

Luzie Wagenknecht

Music production:

Tobias Neumann

Artistic Managment:

Claude Jansen (ComeInTent)

Sarah Lasaki

Funded by:

Fonds Soziokultur


Back to nature

Back to what the universe just gave us

Become what your ancestors

Would want you to be

If you won’t do it You will never be free

Floating through space

Nothing out here feels like a race

Millions of particles that created us

Our here and now

Everything seems to concuss

Can you feel the breathing of everything

You’ve got so much power inside of you

But there are so many things that you alone can’t do

Love after pain

Sun after rain

Everything goes back to the beginning

Limits are here

Cause you believe they exist

Open all your eyes and let the universe

Inspire you

With its beauty

We are like crystals

Sometimes our radiance

Is hidden by a shell

See the beauty in you

And everything you go through

Your body, your mind, your soul

Is what makes you whole

Das Universum gibt uns Licht

Gibt uns die Kraft

Gibt uns den Segen

Mutter Natur

Alles am leben

Mutter Natur

Fühl' dich am leben

Freiheit ist doch eigentlich was Menschliches

Doch Freiheit ist nichts Selbstverständliches

Treat every living being

With love and respect

Don’t stop yourself from seeing

Thats how we connect

Love after pain

Sun after rain

Everything goes back to the beginning

Fight for what you believe in

It’s the only way to step in

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